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Galloway Stud Farm

History of the Stud

Setting the scene...

For over 450 years, Woburn Abbey has been the family seat of the Dukes of Bedford, and is still so today.


The late 14th Duke, Robin Russell, was an animal conservationist, and instrumental in preserving an endangered species of deer by forming a breeding herd in the park at the Abbey.  


Lady Tavistock Henrietta Bedford, his wife, was and still is a passionate horse breeder, and together with their eldest son, Andrew, they set up The Bloomsbury Stud, in the grounds of the estate.

Mist on Grass
Galloway Stud Horse

...for a very intuitive purchase...

While running The Bloomsbury Stud, in 1975 Lady Tavistock went to the December sales at Tattersalls, and intuitively purchased a six year old mare called MRS MOSS, for just 2,100 guineas.


This purchase would turn out to be extremely significant...

...creating a dynasty of champions...

MRS MOSS, went on to produce a dynasty of mares at The Bloomsbury Stud...


Her speedy progeny hailed no less than eleven winners. 


These included the likes of JUPITER ISLAND - the first British Japan Cup winner, PRECOCIOUS, a champion two year old unbeaten in five starts, PUSHY - first to cross the finishing line at Royal Ascot, and National Stakes winner, - KRAYYAN who was sold for 120,000 guineas as a yearling in 1981.

As seen here on the commemorative plaque, The Tavistocks were moved by their precious mare.

Galloway Farm Brick Wall
Galloway Stud Horse
... that turned into new beginnings.

After 45 successful years, Dowager Lady Tavistock decided it was time to hang up the reigns at Woburn in England. She and her son, Andrew, the 15th (and current) Duke of Bedford, dispersed the northern hemisphere Bloomsbury Stud, and the Dowager is now a resident of New Zealand.


It was due to her kind generosity, that in 2019 Stuart and Carmen were given the chance to move Galloway Stud (which they started in 2016 at Chrishall Grange) to Woburn, allowing them to expand the business.


Even now, every day they are truly grateful to Lady Tavistock for the opportunity to be here in this beautiful setting, continuing her legacy and ethos of carefully breeding happy, healthy racehorses.

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