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"The capacity to care gives life its deepest significance"


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We are Galloway Stud,
and we are passionate about raising happy, healthy racehorses. 

The story of a name

Hundreds of years ago in Portpatrick - a small fishing village in Dumfries & Galloway, three stallions arrived by boat. They were a Darley Arabian, a Byerley Tuck, and a Godolphin Arabian.


It is said that they were bred to some of the local Galloway mares. Renowned for their toughness and amazing endurance, the progeny were recorded in historic reports, racing all over the country for wagers and trophies, including at Newmarket in 1681. The foundations for the British Thoroughbred began, from the Scottish Galloway. 

Though now extinct, the Galloway name lives on because as we specialise in breeding broodmares, it seemed fitting to adopt the name. ​

Galloway Stud was founded in 2016 by Stuart and Carmen. Having lived alongside thoroughbred horses all his life, and through his knowledge and expertise, Stuart leads the dedicated team, cultivating a special place where happy and healthy broodmares and foals are raised.

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Galloway Stud Team
Our team

The Galloway staff are a close knit team and we work together to embody our purpose of breeding happy, healthy horses for the racetrack.


The team consists of Stuart and Carmen, Will, Jeff and Jack. Find out more about us by clicking below.

Our values

Horses are like people. They perform at their best when they are happy and healthy.

And our purpose at Galloway is to ensure our broodmares and their foals are at their happiest and healthiest so that they can be ready to compete on the racecourse to the highest level.


In everything we do as a team and individually, we strive to provide the very best care and comfort for broodmares and their foals. We follow these four values throughout our daily work:

Always kind

Always caring

Always proud

Always professional​

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